On the 22nd of July 2013, Bir Mula Heritage hosted its second paranormal evening. The following is a message from Ramon Miles, the famous British ghost hunter:

“I would like to thank everyone who turned up for the event and their participation throughout the evening. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward very much to meeting you all again at another ghost hunt.

There was so much activity it is hard to know were to start. The most interesting activity for me was when a male spirit took fancy to Iris and let his presence be known by various methods. There were hot and clod spots, guests were being touched on there shoulders, arms, neck and legs. Different smells, shadows, orbs … the list goes on.

Many thanks to John Vella for his very useful input into the background of the museum, which in some cases confirmed what some of us were feeling, sensing and seeing. Thanks also to the organisation of the event via Charlie and of course the lovely Daniela who brought along John for security who as we know had a very interesting experience himself and of course young Joseph who was also experiencing activity.

But most of all thank you to the guests who came along.

Happy Ghost Hunting,


The photo above shows a moment from the event.

5 July 2013: Paranormal Evening

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On the 5th of July 2013, Bir Mula Heritage hosted a ‘Paranormal Evening’ organised by the ParaPsyGirlz.

Those who attended to the event described their own experiences visavis anomalous phenomena! Among the attendees that were also skeptics and self-described cynics. Neverthelees everyone kept an open mind.

On Friday the 21st of June 2013, John Vella delivered a talk at Bir Mula Heritage about an ancient Byzantine rock-cut church that is located in Cospicua (Bormla).

The photo below (by Marc Zimmermann) shows a moment during the talk.

Two videos related to Bir Mula Heritage

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Bir Mula Heritage has been recently featured on Newsroom, a weekly programme transmitted by NET TV in Malta.

Both video clips are in Maltese and were transmitted during Newsroom of the 15th of April 2013 and are the work of Matthew Mamo, Keith Mizzi and Stephen Chircop.

In the first video clip you can watch Bir Mula Heritage house itself together with an interview with John Vella the curator.

In the second video clip you can watch a feature film about Maltese chapels and an interview with Angelo Fenech, who during Holy week of this year exhibited his collection of miniature chapels at Bir Mula Heritage.

On Friday the 26th of April 2013, Christopher Grech delivered a talk at Bir Mula Heritage about Maltese coat of arms, surnames and localities.

The photo below shows a moment during the talk.

On the 19th of April 2013, Bir Mula Heritage hosted a public lecture by Alan Markland.

NET TV (a Maltese TV station) also showed a feature (in Maltese) that included an interview (in English) with Alan and this can be watched by clicking on the image below.

This year, during Holy Week and Easter, Bir Mula Heritage hosted an exhibition of miniature chapels by Angelo Fenech.
On Monday the 15th of April 2013, NET TV (a Maltese TV station) showed two feature films that included an interview with Angelo and with John Vella (Bir Mula’s curator) during which footage from Bir Mula Heritage was also shown.

A short version of the feature, which is a combination of the two interviews can be watched by clicking on the image below.

The entire feature about Angelo’s exhibition, about his work with the miniature chapels and about Maltese chapels in general can be watched by clicking on the image below.

On Saturday the 13th of April 2013, Bir Mula Heritage hosted a book launch by Alan Markland. His book ‘The Reel of the Hanged One’ can be ordered by clicking here to download the order form.

On Sunday 20th of January 2013, Bir Mula Heritage House was visited by Hbieb il-Kappelli Maltin (Friends of the Maltese Chapels) who organised a tour of chapels in Bormla (Cospicua) and Isla (Senglea).

The above photograph shows some members of Hbieb il-Kappelli Maltin during their visit at Bir Mula Heritage House. More pictures from the visit and from the whole tour are available here.

Cospicua has three specialised guides

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Three licensed guides were given a certificate as specialised guides for guiding tourists around Cospicua. The guides – Claudine Gauci, Adrian Gauci and Phyllis Chamberlain – successfully completed an intensive course organised by the Bir Mula Heritage museum of Cospicua. The course dealt with various aspects of history and heritage sites in Cospicua.

Museum curator John Vella, who presented the certificates, said that although Cospicua had a great number of unique heritage sites, such as medieval streets, narrow alleys, palazzos, religious sites and baroque fortifications, very few tour operators promoted this heritage.
While most local and foreign visitors appreciate these historical treasures found in Cospicua, local authorities such as MEPA still issued permits for development leading to the demolishment and destruction of important historic buildings.

Mr Vella also said Bir Mula Heritage looked forward to repeating such courses and hoped tour operators would show an interest.

(Note: This is an article that was published in the Sunday Times of Malta of the 30th of December 2012.)